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After the ascension of our Lord, St. Peter proposed that the disciples select an apostle in the place of Judas. The choice was Matthias, who joined the eleven apostles. According to Nicephorus, St. Matthias first preached the Gospel in Judaea, then in Aethiopia (in modern-day Georgia) and was crucified in Colchis. Another tradition says that he worked for the Faith in Palestine, and later was stoned at Jerusalem by the Jews, and then beheaded (d.64).

O God, who added Saint Matthias to the college of Apostles, grant us, through his intercession, that rejoicing at how your love has been allotted to us, we may merit to be numbered among the elect. Through our Lord.

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Thousands take part in London’s March for Life


This is the first time the UK March for Life was held in the UK capital

Thousands of Pro-lifers took to the streets of London today, Saturday 5th May 2018, for the March for Life UK, the first time the march has come to the British capital.

American singer Joy Villa led the march through Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square, where Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network addressed the crowd and denounced the decision by Ealing Council to set up a so-called “buffer zone” around an abortion clinic.

A small counter-demonstration greeted the march at Parliament Square, but the event passed without incident.

Bishop John Keenan of Paisley and Bishop John Wilson, an auxiliary of Westminster, also addressed the marchers. Bishop Keenan urged pro-lifers to consider going into public life, but warned they would face significant challenges.

“You have no idea of the galvanising effect your courage will have…

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The inerrant teaching of the Church on damnation


Damsel of the Faith

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Those within the Church who reject the reality of hell would do well to remember the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the timeless teaching of the Church that hell is real and people go there. A pity the Vicar of Christ rejects this Dogma. How long will this heresy be foisted upon the Church? Time will tell.


“And they shall go out, and see the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me: their worm shall not die, and their fire shall not be quenched: and they shall be a loathsome sight to all flesh.” (Isaiah 66:24)

“Woe be to the nation that riseth up against my people: for the Lord Almighty will take revenge on them, in the day of judgment He will visit them. For He will give fire, and worms into their flesh, that they may burn, and…

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Saint Joseph the Worker – 1st May


Dom Prosper Guéranger:

The Son of God, when about to descend upon this Earth to assume our human nature, would have a Mother. This Mother could not be other than the purest of virgins, and her Divine Maternity was not to impair her incomparable virginity. Until such time as the Son of Mary were recognised as the Son of God, His Mother’s honour had need of a protector: some man, therefore, was to be called to the high honour of being Mary’s spouse. This privileged mortal was Joseph, the most chaste of men. Heaven designated him as being the only one worthy of such a treasure: the rod he held in his hand in the temple suddenly produced a flower, as though it were a literal fulfilment of the prophecy of Isaias: “There will come forth a rod from the root of Jesse, and a flower will rise up…

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Why Alfie Evans Didn’t Matter to So Many People


The beauty of Catholic teaching vs. the prevailing ethics of utilitarianism

From Matthew Archbold on the National Catholic Register 

One of the most haunting sights I’ve seen in a long time was Tom Evans, the father of Alfie Evans, coming out to the street in front of Alder hey hospital and robotically reading words on a page asking those who support his efforts to save his son, to stop, go home and live their lives. What sticks with me are his hollowed eyes. The way he simply read the words and failed to make eye contact with all around him. It sounded like a letter read by a hostage. This, coming from a man who has inspired thousands in the way he has defended his son’s life.

But this is what he felt he must do to give his son a chance. I understand. My heart broke for him. This…

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Open letter to UK bishops: Your response to Alfie Evans was an ‘abject failure’


From LifeSiteNews:

LONDON, April 27, 2018

The nephew of a renowned German Catholic philosopher and fierce opponent of Hitler, Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977), has written an open letter to the bishops of England and Wales denouncing their response to Alfie Evans as an “abject failure.”

In a letter dated April 27, London resident Jean Pierre Casey criticizes the UK bishops for praising Alder Hey hospital’s “integrity” and for “completely failing” to uphold Catholic teaching on life, the family, and God-given parental rights.

Casey also excoriates the prelates for cozying up to the National Health Service (NHS) rather than serving the people entrusted to their care.

“It is ever more obvious that beyond the thousands of abortions they procure annually, NHS hospitals are becoming death mills not only for the unborn, but for the living. […] That our bishops continue to ally themselves with the NHS in defending the indefensible is beyond comprehension,” he writes.

“If Church leaders remain…

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Catholics Striving for Holiness



  1. “The Rosary is said not with the lips alone, muttering Hail Marys one after the other. That is the way over-pious old men and women rattle them off. —For a Christian, vocal prayer must spring from the heart, so that while the Rosary is said, the mind can enter into contemplation of each one of the mysteries.” (Furrow, no. 477)

  1. “Take the Holy Rosary, one of the most deeply rooted of Christian devotions. The Church encourages us to contemplate its mysteries. She wants to engrave upon our heart and our imagination, together with Mary’s joy and sorrow and glory, the spellbinding example of Our Lord’s life, in his thirty years of obscurity, his three years of preaching, his ignominious Passion and his glorious Resurrection. To follow Christ — that is the secret.” (Friends of God

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Where Are You NcR?


One Mad Mom

Hey NcR!  You’re supposedly big tent.  Where’s your pleas on Alfie Evans’ behalf?  I went to your site and searched for Alfie Evans.  Guess what?  Not an original word from you.  One simple reprint from Catholic New Service.  You might want to possibly go a slightly little bigger tent to encompass the least of us!  You’re really awful.

To my readers…I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ve had that nasty flu for a few weeks but I’m on the rebound!  Just can’t stay sidelined when one of the least is in so much danger.  Please continue to pray for Alfie and his parents.  We need a BIG miracle to smack down the UK. #AlfieEvans

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Syrian Bishop: “Better War-torn Syria Than Rotten Europe”


“Syria has been assaulted by big countries who want to export us – democracy? […]  There is no real democratic country [in Europe except] maybe Switzerland. […] I’ve lived in Europe and I didn’t see democracy there. […] I feel sad about the European people more than my people who chose to migrate to Europe … the European people are consumers, the same applies in the U.S. … our people are happier. […] The real problem is the wrong policies of the U.S. and the weakness of the European position. Europe is weak and doesn’t have independent decision if Europe relies on its values and its strength. Were it not for Russia we would have been slaughtered … God sent Russia to save us. […] The Syrian people support President Assad and that’s why he’s survived all this time… he serves all Syrians. […] Muslims need the Christians to…

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