For my Father


For as long as I’ve known, I have been a great admirer of my father’s photography. To me it seems as though his favourite place is behind the lens. To say that he is one of those people who take photographs because it is what everyone seems to be doing would be a lie, there is a passion and great expression in each of his shots.

He doesn’t do it, to be famous or to make money out of it, but because he can.

He considers it a privelege to do it, and he takes it very seriously, constantly improving, intricately particular and specific, he does it with a great love.

For many years I’ve been trying to convince him to start a photoblog, when flickr was the biggest thing people were doing, but he wouldn’t budge. I for one, don’t think that his efforts are to be hidden somewhere in a hardrive, if anything they should be shared, enjoyed and inspire people, like they inspire me.

He still doesn’t know that I’ve collected all his photographs and I am going to post it online, it a surprise that I intend to give him, in April for his birthday…..

It is my hope that this blog becomes his medium of expression, one that will inspire him to keep going and one that will inspire you too.

I hope you enjoy it,

This is for my Dad.

For every artist needs  a canvas, every writer needs paper, every potter needs his clay, and every photographer needs a place to show the people how they see the world, from the other side of the lens..

This is how I am celebrating you

Love you Dad….


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